Mixed Flow Fan

By using our experience in bespoke fan engineering, we can apply the same principles to produce an upgraded “AXCENT” Mixed flow fan that meets all current legislation and exceeds all modern day performance expectations.


Mixed flow fans are an ideal solution where space is tight and duct design is compromised. The blade sign is much less susceptible than axial fans to upstream flow disturbances which can cause blade stall with the potential for mechanical failure.

Woodcock & Wilson’s AXCENT mixed flow fans are regularly used in Oil and Gas HVAC upgrades, where the duty requirements of an axial fan are increased but the space remains the same or in instances where there have been historic Axial fan vibration issues.

  • Significant increased delivery Pressure & Efficiency over size for size Axial fan
  • Compact in-line arrangement saves space and allows easy retrofitting and upgrading
  • Resistant to wind-age : Steep operating curve means minimal changes in volume
  • Extremely stable operation over operating range
  • Robust blade design that is not sensitive to flutter and system effect
  • Bespoke design allows various construction materials, driving arrangements and test options
  • Performance guaranteed, based on BS 848-1 :2007 / ISO 5801:2008
  • Vibration levels guaranteed, based on BS848-7/ ISO149694:2003
  • Can be supplied with non-overloading motor
  • ATEX Category 2G (Zone 1) internal/ external option

Typical Applications

  • Gas turbine cooling
  • Motor cooling
  • O&G / Marine HVAC
  • Power generation
  • Mine ventiallation
  • Booster fan

Download Mixed Flow Fans PDF