Bifurcated Fans

Both types are direct driven units constructed with the motor encased in a central pod permitting isolated gas flow and efficient motor cooling. Both types are ideally suited to work at high (gas) temperatures where the motor requires isolating entirely from the gas flow.

Fans Spun Bifurcated

Generally supplied in a circular configuration and capable of gas transfer rates of up to 5M^3/sec. Ideal for circulating or removing fumes and gasses at up to 200 degrees Centigrade with higher temperature units available to special order. Impellers can be supplied with variable or fixed pitch blades manufactured in a range of materials selected to suit operating condition.

Fans Fabricated

A larger version of the spun units possessing all their advantageous operational benefits and full flexibility in choice of materials of construction. Usually supplied in a circular configuration but with enhanced performance being capable of gas transfer rates of up to 40^3M/sec.

Download Bifurcated Fans PDF Brochure