The Importance of Fans in the Chemical Industry

When working in the chemical industry, you’ll be handling flammable and hazardous substances on a daily basis. If not stored correctly, they could cause serious harm to the property, people and environment.

COSHH guidelines state that chemicals should be stored in a ventilated area, which is why it’s so important you invest in an effective and reliable industrial fan.

Ventilation is the key to ensuring that not only are chemicals cooled, but it stops the build up of hazardous fumes, which is paramount when working in the chemical industry.

Chemical industry

ATEX Fans for the Chemical Industry

We manufacture and supply a range of ATEX fans, which have been designed specifically for the chemical industry.

Since January 2003, it’s been a legal requirement to protect employees from any risk of explosion in areas that are prone to an explosive atmosphere – which, when working with chemicals, there is an increased chance.

Our ATEX fans have been constructed according to the mandatory directive of the European Parliament, ensuring they can safely operate in hazardous or explosive atmospheres.

Browse our range of ATEX fans to find out more about their features, and how they have been benefiting companies operating in the chemical industry.


Fans designed for the Chemical Industry

From ATEX and IECEx fans, to centrifugal, nuclear, wood waste fans and more, we can even design you a bespoke fan, based on your specific needs and requirements.

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Why Choose Woodcock & Wilson for Industrial Fans?

As the world’s leading specialist in designing, manufacturing, supplying and servicing of industrial fans, we’ve been working with companies in a range of industries for over 40 years.

Our knowledge and expertise of fans means that we understand how critical they are in the day-to-day running of your business within the chemical industry.

We are the only company to offer dual-certification of our fans: many companies self-certify their own ATEX fans, so you can never be too sure of the quality. However, ours have been externally certified, so you can be confident in the reliability and effectiveness of our fans.