The lifespan of an industrial fan can be over 40 years, depending on its application. However, during this time it’s still prone to numerous potential problems which, if not resolved, could result in critical failure, and serious health and safety issues.

Regular servicing by Woodcock & Wilson can help to ensure your industrial fan continues to work safely and efficiently, ultimately prolonging its lifespan.

That’s why we’re proud to offer onsite servicing and repairs for your industrial fans. Our qualified engineers will travel to your site as part of a routine service, where they can detect and prevent any faults, which will significantly reduce the risk of a sudden breakdown. The end result? Not only will it save you time and money in the long-run, it will also ensure you continue to work in a safe environment.

There are many aspects to our onsite servicing, including the following:

  • Impeller balancing
  • Vibration analysis
  • Cleaning
  • Precision coupling alignment
  • Accessory replacements: bearings, drives, motors

We also offer an emergency on-site repair service should something disastrous happen, like your blower suddenly fails. Our skilled engineers will conduct repairs as quickly and safely as possible, to minimise your downtime, and get your operations up and running once more.

Fan Refurbishment

Sometimes, a fan may need to be taken out of service to be fixed or replaced. Whether that’s due to failure or as part of a PPM regime; we can take it to our factory in Huddersfield and provide a full fan refurbishment.

Regardless of the make or type of your existing fan, we are confident that our team of experienced engineers will be able to refurbish it.

Old fans will be recycled or reused, or aspects can be restored during a routine overhaul; which will help to prolong their typical lifespan.

If you are in a situation where you need to minimise your downtime whilst retaining your fan on-site, then we can manufacture replacement parts at our factory, and fit them onsite.

Performance Testing

In addition to servicing and refurbishing, we also offer a full-system fan performance testing service. As part of this, we will test flow rate, pressure and power characteristics to BS848 standards.

As part of the testing, we’ll also conduct troubleshooting if we determine your system to not be performing to specification. With a wealth of experience under their belts, our engineers can quickly and accurately assess your fan’s operating issues, and diagnose any potential problems.

Installation, Inspection & Service

When you’ve purchased an industrial fan from us, you won’t need to worry that you’re on your own. Our engineers can visit you onsite to inspect your fan installation and check it’s running properly. We’ll check your fixings and flange connections, clearances, alignment and lubrication, all before you start your operations.

Once your industrial fan is running, we can also check vibration levels and bearing operating temperatures, in addition to various other parameters; to ensure that your fan will run smoothly in the long-term.

We can also educate your employees on the basic day-to-day operations of your fan; enabling you to carry out simple maintenance procedures, and spot any warning signs that could indicate the beginnings of a potential problem.

Extended Warranties

All of our industrial fans come with a 12-month warranty as standard. However, you can extend this further if you prefer. For more information, just give us a call on +44 (0) 1484 462 777.