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Woodcock & Wilson Ltd Nuclear fan products where we provide our extensive experience, unwavering expertise, and commitment to excellence make us the preferred partner for the manufacture of fans used in the nuclear industry. We are proud to showcase our ability to deliver complex projects with precision, quality, and reliable technical support.

Our Expertise and Experience

At Woodcock & Wilson Ltd we have a proven track record of supplying superior fans to all UK licensed nuclear installations, including prestigious names like Sellafield, EDF, AWE, Magnox, Rolls Royce, BAE, and Urenco. Our decades of experience in this specialised field enable us to meet the stringent requirements of the nuclear sector.


Our investment in segregated stainless steel manufacturing areas ensures that our products meet the highest standards of  quality. Our dedicated engineering and project management teams are equipped to handle the unique challenges of each project, ensuring timely and flawless delivery.

What is a Nuclear Fan?

Nuclear fans are specialised products designed to meet the rigorous demands of nuclear facilities. These fans are engineered with options for gas-tight construction, durable materials, advanced sealing arrangements, and are designed with specific maintenance requirements. They also can be designed to consider seismic resilience and are built to have a long operational lifespan, often exceeding standard industrial requirements.


Applications of Our Fans

Our fans are used in a variety of critical applications within nuclear facilities, including:

•         Containment Ventilation Systems: Maintain negative pressure to prevent the escape of radioactive materials.

•         Cooling Systems: Critical for removing heat from reactors, auxiliary systems, and spent fuel pools.

•         Air Handling Units (AHUs): Provide controlled ventilation, heating, and cooling for personnel and equipment.

•         Turbine Hall Ventilation: Ensure optimal conditions for turbines and associated machinery.

•         Emergency Vent Systems: Control airflow during emergencies to contain hazardous substances.

•         Control Room Ventilation: Maintain a stable environment for operators and sensitive equipment.

•         Spent Fuel Storage Ventilation: Remove heat and prevent the buildup of harmful gases in storage areas.

•         Generator Cooling: Keep generators cool to maintain performance and prevent overheating.

Why Choose Us?

Woodcock & Wilson Ltd stands out as a manufacturer due to our deep involvement in shaping industry standards and our commitment to excellence. We provide unparalleled technical support and are recognised as leaders in the development of technical and design standards for the nuclear industry. Our contributions include:

•         ES 0 1710 2: Specification for Type “B” and “D” centrifugal fans for process and high integrity ventilation systems.

•         ES 0 1722 2: Specification for high integrity mild steel ventilation ductwork relating to fans.

•         ES 0 5394 2: Fabrication of Plant & Equipment (Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel) General Duty and its implications for fan design.

We are active contributors to the National Nuclear Ventilation Forum (NNVF), collaborating with UK nuclear licensee companies, supply chain partners, and ventilation plant manufacturers to drive innovation and maintain high standards.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Our dedication to quality and safety is exemplified by our adherence to the F4N (Fit for Nuclear) scheme, which benchmarks our capabilities against nuclear industry standards. Our management systems are certified to ISO 9001:2015, and we hold IECEx QAR certification, ensuring ongoing monitoring and consistent product quality. This commitment drives us to continually improve our processes and implement best practices, ensuring both market acceptance and manufacturing efficiency.

At Woodcock & Wilson Ltd we are not just manufacturers; we are partners in your success, delivering high-integrity ventilation solutions time after time.

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