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Our ATEX fans have been constructed according to the mandatory directive 2014/34/EU of the European Parliament, which relates to equipment and protective system intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

IECEx Fans

Our IECEx fans comply with EN ISO 80079-36 and EN ISO 80079-37 regulations, ensuring they can safely operate in a hazardous or explosive atmosphere; and have been approved by the IEC’s certification process.


Our UKCA “Ex” fans have been manufactured and are independently certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres within Great Britain, meeting all UKCA requirements.

Axial Fans

Available as direct driven or belt driven units, our axial fans are suited to generating large quantities of air at low pressures, with minimal noise.

Bespoke Fans

We understand that sometimes, your needs are so unique, we may need to create a completely bespoke fan. Just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Centrifugal Fans

Available in four basic configurations: backward bladed, forward curved multi-vane, high pressure and paddle bladed; our centrifugal fans can be used in a wide range of industries.

Chopper Fans

Heavy duty with hardened steel cutting blades, our chopper fans will provide the air volume and pressure required, to transport waste material through the system, straight from production machines to the material separator unit.

Double Inlet Fans

Double inlet fans – also referred to as forward curved fans – feature a large number of shallow blades that are curved forwards, in order to produce high flow rates at low pressures, with a relatively low tip speed; achieving high efficiency and low noise when in operation.

Dust Control Fans

COSHH legislation states employees should be protected from the harmful effects of certain dusts in the workplace. Our dust control fans will capture all dust emitted at source, to ensure your working environment is a safe one.

Forced Draft Fans

Our forced draft fans supply pressurised air into your chosen system, used to create hot air that allows for the uniform combustion of fuel.

Gas Tight Fans

Specialised for the ventilation of hazardous nuclear extracts, our range of gas tight fans are commonly used in corrosive, radioactive and toxic ventilation systems.

High Temperature Fans

The majority of fans will operate up to approximately 70 degrees Celsius. If you require extra heat tolerance, then our high temperature fans are the ideal option.

Induced Draft Fans

Our range of industrial fans have been created to introduce a vacuum or negative air pressure into a system. Heavy duty and efficient, they maintain a system pressure that’s slightly below ambient.

Inline Centrifugal fans

Enjoy highly efficient and cost-effective solutions with our inline centrifugal fans, which can operate in clean air or with light dust loads. Choose from left or right-hand rotation.

Material Handling Fans

Our material handling fans are ideal if you need bulky or solid material to be conveyed – for example, in biomass or food processing applications.

Mixed Flow Fans

Commonly found in duct systems, our mixed flow fans allow the flow of air in axial and radial direction in relation to the shaft. Their main benefits come in the form of high pressure, great air flow, and hardly any noise.

Plenum and Plug Fans

Our plenum and plug fans are particularly popular in air handling units and filtration systems; and are compact and cost-effective, removing the need for a diffuser.

Tank Ventilation Fans

Tank ventilation fans ensure fresh air is introduced to make your space a safe working environment. Our fans are portable, and can be used on numerous vessels.

Wood Waste Fans

The BLS fan incorporates a single inlet flat backward inclined impeller being ideal for the use of transporting dry sawdust and shavings or alternatively grinding and sanding dust.

We also have experience in welding fans, nuclear and exhaust skid fans.