Centrifugal Fans

Available in four basic configurations: Backward Bladed, Forward Curved Multi-Vane, High Pressure and Paddle Bladed.

Backward Bladed Fans

These simple yet highly effective centrifugal fans generally offer highly efficient and cost effective solutions when operated in clean air or with light dust loads. Available with both left and right hand rotation discharge orientation can be aligned in accordance with all Eurovent and iSO specifications and to any other angle necessitated by special order.

Routinely available impeller types include:

  • BFN – Flat backward inclined
  • BLZ – Backward curved with three types of blade geometry coded BLX, BLV & BLT
  • BAW – Backward curved aerofoil

Standard units are equipped with foot mounted T.E.F.C. electric motors and finished with a zinc phosphate coating but other drive trains and epoxy paint, hot-dipped-galvanized and stainless steel finishes can be specified where required.

Backward Bladed Fan PDF

Forward Curved Multi-Vane Fans

These units feature a large number of shallow blades curved forward towards the direction of rotation with impellor widths greater in diameter than in a backward inclined model. Producing high flow rates at low pressures with a relatively low tip speed results in high efficiencies coupled with very low noise in operation.

Available in a range of sizes offering flow rates of up to 60M^3/Sec at 1.0kPa these centrifugal fans can be specified with both right and left hand rotation and standard Eurovent and ISO discharge angles. Other angles are also available by special request.

These units are available in single inlet single width (SISW), double inlet double width (DIDW ) and plug fan configurations, all with multiple drive arrangements as required. Standard features available on these units include foot mounted T.E.F.C. motors, flexible connections, inlet & discharge guards, anti-vibration mountings, insulated casings, acoustic enclosures, vibration & condition monitoring attenuators and I.V.C. / Dampers.

Forward Curved Multivane Fans

High Pressure Centrifugal Fans

Designed to deliver high impeller tip speeds and pressure development at relatively low flow rates these units are available in fully shrouded, radial or near radial blade configurations suitable for blower or suction applications. Flow rates of up to 2.5M^3/sec are available from our standard product range.

Available in either right or left hand rotation modes discharge orientation as standard can be to any Eurovent or ISO angle with other angles to special order. Multiple drive arrangements are offered as standard together with full flexibility on choice of motor windings, voltages and frequency.

ATEX (11 2/3/G/D T1-T6) specification units are available for deployment in hazardous areas.

High Pressure Fans PDF

Paddle Bladed Centrifugal Fans

Robust construction and true, flat, radial, paddle blade configuration makes these units ideally suitable for the pneumatic movement of high dust load, fibrous materials, paper, wood waste and selected solid particles with flows of up to 40M^3/sec.

Paddle Bladed centrifugal fans are available in three standard types providing varying width proportions to suit the power output required and the materials being transferred, these centrifugal fans can also be manufactured with cutter blades for applications within the materials chopping industry amongst others.

As you would expect from the UK’s leading manufacturer, paddle bladed units to the ATEX specification 11 2/3/G/D T1-T6 are available as standard and to special order as required.

Paddle Bladed Centrifugal Fans PDF

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