Last month, our team had the privilege of attending the Ella Dawson Foundation Colour Ball. The evening highlighted the importance of community and support, especially for young adults facing cancer diagnoses.

We were honoured to not only attend but also sponsor this meaningful event. The Ella Dawson Foundation’s mission resonates deeply with us, as they strive to empower young adults with cancer by providing them with the resources they need to live well.

The foundation’s work extends far beyond just providing medical support. They recognise the holistic needs of young adults aged 18-30 and their families, offering tailored well-being support packages designed to address their unique challenges at any stage of their cancer journey. This support is delivered within a nurturing community, ensuring that no one feels alone in their battle.

For many young adults facing cancer, the diagnosis can be a turning point—a catalyst for seeking out support and redefining what it means to live well. The Ella Dawson Foundation understands this need for holistic support and is dedicated to helping individuals not just survive, but thrive, through their cancer journey.

If you or someone you know is navigating a cancer diagnosis as a young adult, we encourage you to explore the resources offered by the Ella Dawson Foundation. Whether it’s well-being support, lifestyle guidance, or peer-to-peer connections, they are here to help you live well, feel well, eat well, and move well with and beyond cancer.

Together, we can support and empower young adults facing cancer, ensuring that no one fights alone. Learn more about the incredible work of the Ella Dawson Foundation.

Ella Dawson Foundation