As a result of our growing trade worldwide, our employees are operating further afield in more demanding business environments and differing cultures. Following the introduction of the UK Bribery Act, Woodcock & Wilson have commissioned and implemented a “Code of Ethics and Business Conduct” in order to support our employees.

Our reputation is our most treasured possession. It is essential to us that whilst operating in a worldwide competitive market, our core values of integrity, honesty and always wanting to “do the right thing” remain and are understood and practiced by all of our employees.

code of ethics

We welcome fair competition, and we firmly believe that if we continue to achieve success in the right way, then our company is stronger as a result of it. We encourage a working environment in which diversity is recognised and valued, appreciating the multi-cultural and diverse nature of our country’s workforce and society in general.

Our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct has been put together to serve as a guide to us all. We aim to keep our company vision at the forefront of our minds when conducting in business activities, and the manner in which we deal with other people, be that fellow colleagues, suppliers or customers is vital to our continued success.

Ian Crum – Director – General Manager

To download our code of ethics click here.