Anyone responsible for the servicing and maintenance of industrial fans used in air handling units will be well aware that a regular servicing and maintenance programme is essential.

Getting the best return on any investment in this kind of machinery depends, of course, on regular servicing. More and more companies using air handling units are beginning to realise the real and tangible benefits of having a contract maintenance and repair service for the fans which are integral to the machinery.

As well as enabling them to comply with Health and Safety regulations and ventilation standards, regular fan servicing also means saving money. Remember, things can go wrong quickly when fans are not serviced, but a well maintained fan is more energy efficient and removes the need to repair badly damaged and worn machinery.

Plus, there may be tax savings to be had from minimising energy use if high efficiency electric motors are fitted to fans. Companies will probably be aware of tax incentives designed to benefit those who are energy efficient. Purchasing energy-saving equipment may also mean you can benefit from other financial advantages through the Government’s enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme which was introduced to manage climate change and encourage businesses to take part in energy saving initiatives.

Fan servicing

Whether it’s commercial premises, shopping centres, office buildings or factories, the benefits of maintaining and maximising fan performance levels at all times are widely understood.

The ‘prevention is better than cure’ philosophy has become accepted as more business owners recognise that having air handling units serviced could be crucial to the smooth running of their organisations.

As anyone working in the food processing industry will be aware, this is a sector where fans are particularly important as clean air and a hygienic working environment are essential.

Constant temperatures are important in food processing too as in many other manufacturing and retail environments such as high street stores. Computer equipment can overheat, of course, and if air handling units are faulty or break down temperatures will rise. Employers need to keep abreast of health and safety laws relating to changing temperatures and working conditions.

Businesses probably don’t need reminding that breakdown of fans used in air handling units must be avoided as it can cause serious loss of revenue. Large industrial sites often operate numerous units and ensuring that fans are regularly serviced and maintained is a sizeable logistical task, but essential to avoiding long term problems and prolonging the life of fans.

As anyone used to operating or servicing air handling units will know, it’s essential to maintain consistency to make sure a unit doesn’t suddenly fail. If a machine is hidden away out of sight it is likely that problems may not be noticed until it actually breaks down.

Fan manufacturers, engineers and companies operating industrial fans as part of air handling units will already be familiar with what a fan service involves, but here is a brief reminder just in case.

A typical service would take a full day and usually involves inspecting the overall condition of fans and removing any dust and debris. Motor and fan bearings are checked for wear, regreased and replaced where necessary and filtration and air distribution systems are inspected.

On belt driven fans the drive belts are inspected and may be adjusted or replaced. On direct coupled fans the alignment of couplings must be checked and replaced if worn. The impeller has to be inspected for wear and tear and for any damage and dirt collection which could throw the fan out of balance. Finally, the fans are test run to monitor vibration levels.

To reduce the risk of breakdown, save time and money and ensure the life expectancy of machines is maintained, all types of industrial fans should be regularly maintained and serviced onsite by experienced engineers.

Companies should make sure they use a fan servicing company such as Huddersfield-based Woodcock & Wilson. As leaders in the fan manufacturing, servicing and maintenance field they provide a contract maintenance and repair service. Woodcock & Wilson employs engineers who understand the construction principles of fan manufacture and design. Their engineers can draw on this in-house expertise when inspecting fans on site – crucial when fault-finding and problem-solving.

From time to time businesses need to take stock of their responsibilities and ensure that they have a clean working environment, take measures to reduce emissions and consider all the environmental impacts of their work.

A regularly serviced and well maintained fan is by definition an energy efficient piece of machinery and companies should be aware that neglecting to have fans serviced could also impact on their ability to meet environmental targets.